Suresh Vyas: Continuing the Living Tradition of the Maihar style of Classical Indian Music

Shobit Gupta, Service

Having traversed across in search of excellence, my journey in playing instrumental music has taken me to Sureshji who undoubtedly remains the flag bearer of the pristine, immaculate and pure divine music of the Senia Maihar Gharana.

As a Guru, he travels the last mile by listening, correcting, guiding and encouraging you for hours and becomes a real partner in the journey of discovering Sur, Laya and Taal. My determination, tenacity and patience has increased multifold under his guidance and the outcome as it is evolving is surely precise and effort worthy.

Swati Agashe, Architect in UK

I have been learning from Sureshji for one year and feel really lucky to have him as my Guru. I am away from Mumbai, so first of all the internet was indispensable as an instruction tool, which is difficult for teaching a subject as intricate as music on the Sarod, and that too to a complete beginner! But for Suresh ji there is no barrier to teaching.

He communicates effectively and the internet is no issue at all. He also is very patient, and builds confidence in me, newbie learner, by being confident in my ability, which I find very gracious, and positive. Instructions that he gives for practicing are also tailored to the student's abilities, and he does stress that teaching every student is different, as there is no 'one size fits all' in Hindustani music.

I also have benefited from the freedom and choice he gives, for each student to choose their commitment level, and tailors his teaching to suit. I feel that I would not have made so much progress in one year if it hadn't been for Suresh ji, and I am grateful for his support.

Anil Kumar Agarwal, Hotelier, Builder

I restarted learning Sarod after a gap of 45 years at the age of 65 .

I was fortunate to be recommended Sureshji Vyas's name by none other than Ustad Ali Akbar Khan's son and also later by Khansaheb’s daughter.

I have now been learning from him every Wednesday for last 6 years . Suresh Ji is not only an ardent musician and a very good teacher, he is also a very good human being and a good friend. He is a selfless person totally devoted to his music and to his mentor and guru 'MAA' as we reverently call Annapurnaji the daughter of Ustad Allauddin Khan .

He teaches music in a very lucid way. He makes me understand the intricacies of Raags in a very simplified way. Instantaneously he composes the 'Gats' , Taans, etc of a raag as he is teaching .

A person with very frugal needs, selfless, very helpful and an extremely humble person, Sureshji is one in a million and a rare musician in today's day and age.

Avinash Deshpande, Data Scientist

It had been a privilege to learn under Suresh Sir. To comment on his sarod expertise and talent would be a mistake that I am not even trying to do. What I can say is , not all people of his stature are inclined to hand hold , guide and help students to make them climb this Himalayan mountain of learning Indian classical music. Sureshji has been doing it for many of us for so many years and it speaks volumes about his devotion and love for Sarod and Indian classical music.

Personally he has been a friend and guide / music encyclopedia like a Google for me always ready with solutions if you would just care to ask . In return he expects only 2 things 1) respect for the art and 2) a true attitude of a student.

Radhesh Ramakant Walwadkar, Systems Engineer

Suresh da reversed my journey from any form of music to pure sound. Made me realize, it is more important to be subtle enough to experience what Sarod can offer, than only to try to gain control over it. 6-8 seconds of Sound sustenance can show you all shades of Sur properly.

Once you experience this magic, nothing remains the same. That sound just forces you to be one with it.

This experience is like being in a deep state of meditation and I believe it may one day lead to Nadabrahama.

Sayak Chakrabarty, Service

I consider myself fortunate to be associated to Senia Maihar Gharana, and moreover having this opportunity of meeting Suresh da.

It is beyond my competence to comment on him, but the only thing I know is that I’m in association a person who is guiding me with the purest form of music as inherited by him from the very rich lineage of this Gharana. The best part is, being a Guru and a Shishya he is carrying the responsibility of spreading this rich legacy.

Sarode being my passion I always look upto him for any guidance without hesitation. I’m enjoying every bit of this journey guided by Sureshda and and showing the right path not only in music, but also other aspects of life too, to make my life complete.